13 September 2005

Burning myself

I recently suffered my worst kitchen calamity since I cut the tip of my left index finger off last year (as you do, when you're cutting onions with a brand new knife blessed with a frighteningly sharp blade). I was frying salmon filets in a grill pan, and I'd perhaps put a bit too much olive oil in. When I flipped one of the filets, I splashed my arm with several drops of piping-hot oil. Yowza, that hurt. More than a week later, I have an itchy constellation of red marks and peeling skin on my arm. At least the salmon came out well -- crispy on the outside, moist on the inside.

And I just repeated a horrible thing I did to myself earlier this year. You see, right as I'm finishing a shower, I like to turn the water temperature as cold as it'll go, and stand under it for a few seconds until I shiver and freak out and have to turn it off. But twice now, I've inadvertantly turned the water all the way hot while I'm standing under it, and the water gets quite hot in our apartment. Even worse than scalding my near-naked scalp is the feeling that I'm far too stupid to avoid damaging myself. That really hurts.


At 14 September, 2005 10:30, Anonymous Nighthunter said...

Ouch! That sounds painful... hot, but the cold thing too! What is wrong with you????

At 14 September, 2005 22:03, Blogger contrarybear said...

I know, I'm strange.
When I was a kid, I read James Bond books, and in at least one of them he takes piping-hot-and-freezing-cold showers to train himself to withstand extremes. I guess I just started doing the cold part. (I thought I liked the hot part too, then I found out that A. likes the shower twice as hot as I do -- I'm a wussy when it comes to heat.)

At 15 September, 2005 16:39, Blogger Mia said...

First of all - I was there on both occasions. It was even painful to look at.

About the showering - well, in German we have an expression - "Warmduscher" which translated means He Who Takes Warm Showers and it's a somewhat rude expression describing a gay man. So, nothing wrong with a man taking an ice cold shower.

At 16 September, 2005 10:03, Blogger contrarybear said...

So gay Germans give steaming-hot golden showers? Weird.


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