19 July 2005

Mosquitos, your enemy has a new name.

And his name is ContraryBear.

Seriously, the three euros I spent to get one of those tennis-racket bug-zappers has been a great investment. It is somehow more satisfying to fry skeeters with a spark than a bang -- I used to use women's magazines to kill my prey. And it's not so messy on the walls. And less damaging to the Cosmo cover girls. I almost look forward to seeing mosquitos before going to bed now.

Perhaps I should just try and stun the little fellas and then release them back into the wild, so they can spread the word to their cursed cohorts ... but maybe it's best just to keep killing every one I see. It adds to the mystery, from the perspective of the outside mosquitos looking in. Keep 'em coming!


At 23 July, 2005 13:30, Anonymous Nighthunter said...

wow, technology really has evolved. i'd love to zap mosquitos too now, but i have screens... dammit.

wonder how big of a bug that thing can handle...

At 25 July, 2005 16:00, Blogger Mia said...

Apparently flies only get paralized for a minute or so you kind of would have to hold the swatter down on them while they are paralized and grill them. But I only got to try it on mosquitos so far.


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