03 August 2005

Homeward Bound

We are off to the U.S. soon, first to Boston to see the town and visit a friend of mine,* and then to my hometown of Akron to attend my sister's wedding. My little sister's wedding. That makes me feel a bit old. And by this time next year, I could be an uncle. That would be pretty cool. I'm a bit sorry I don't live closer, so I can hang out with the new chubbin, an exciting new blood relative. I would like to influence it while its still young. You know, teach him or her to appreciate baseball, and cooking, and free-market economics. The basics.

I'll also probably see one of my oldest friends, who I've known since I was nine. He'll be coming to visit in September, which I find terribly thrilling. He's never been to Europe, so there's a lot I'd like him to see. And I've had a loooooong visitor drought, which I'm glad will be snapped. It's fun to show people around and demonstrate my not-great-but-not-terrible Dutch in action. I guess we'll have to hit the Big Four Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam: the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh museum, a coffee shop, and the red light district. And maybe a boat tour. Ho hum. But still! It'll be cool to show someone around Delft, and Rotterdam, and introduce him to Belgian beer, and bitterballen ... yeah, it'll be great.

* And also to see Coldplay right after we arrive, I found out today. We'll be bushed, but I hear they put on a good concert. I hope we stay awake.


At 14 August, 2005 10:19, Blogger stevenmc said...

didn't know you had a blog.

hope you'll be back in time for the world baseball championships from Sept 2 to 17. i'm hoping to take in a few games, so get in touch if you're interested.



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